It takes six to eight weeks to see results for most individuals with illnessnes or problems they are seeking some kind of resolution for.  In most cases it even takes continued followup visitations once a month to make sure there is support for progress made so that you may stay on track.  ​

                    I charge $85 per session.
This includes lab test analysis if there are any, supplement recomendations as well as diet recomendations​

All sales are final.  ​
Only under certain circumstances and arrangements may  you make up missed appointments.  
      These service prices are based on supplementation recommendations and real reasearch that is individualized for each client.  Every client is assessed, evaluated and educated under my scope of practice.  Everything I do is intended as a sharing of my knowledge and is not intended to replace a quallified health care professional nor shall my knowledge be relayed and misunderstood as medical advice.  I encourage you to make your own decisions based upon your research and your relationship with your quallified health care professional.​​

         I am willing to offer my service by setting time aside for a client if they so choose to grocery shop if they find difficulty in shopping at the market after a major diet change.  These things do happen and come with a bit of stress.  I am here as a Professional Coach to help you through these moments.  There is a charge for this service.   If you are interrested in this, please speak with me.
I also make myself available to my clients on an emergency basis.  If they need a question answered or have a concern about what to eat...  These things may be addressed through my direct contact information.  However, there will also be a charge for this under the clause of "Special Visit."
Kindest Regards,

  April Houk B.Sc.
                                            Inegrative Nutritional Health Coach

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       Contact me by email if you are interested in a giftcard for a loved one or colleague.  I'd be happy to send you one.  
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